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Although the turmoil in Egypt has absolutely nothing to do with my beat, I think that the Al Jazeera staff does an exceptional job with their live blog coverage of the protests in Egypt.

Spanning from Jan. 28 to Feb. 3, the staff at Al Jazeera kept their blog updated for 24 hours a day with the latest news.

This particular blog does a good job of avoiding repeat posts. The information previously reported does not need to be reiterated because the reader can easily scroll down to the previous post.

The posts are spaced out only by a half hour or so, and are written as alerts. According to Ryan M. Thornburg’s book Producing Online News, the goal of is to get the first piece of “substantiated and accurate reporting that is complete enough that it doesn’t mislead or unnecessarily alarm readers.”

Al Jazeera’s updates are clean, simple, and to the point. Anticipating the audiences questions, they state what they don’t yet know along with what they do.

Even though they have limited information to work with they still incorporate multiple mediums such as graphs, photos, videos and links that complement the post or as an update to a previous one.

Although none of the video or audio posted on the blog is streaming live, a live stream is linked elsewhere on the site.

Overall I was very drawn to the live blog done by Al Jazeera. The instability in Egypt is a topic prefect for live blogging. Because a lot of the communication has been cut going out of Egypt the constant updates are extremely beneficial.

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